Blues Brothers Tribute, Swing, Rat Pack, 80s, Britpop, PA, Wedding, Corporate Event
106 Miles to Chicago
Swing, Rat Pack, Wedding band, Corporate Event
Disco, Blues Brothers Tribute, Swing, Rat Pack, 80s band, Wedding Band, Corporate Event
PA and Stage Lighting, Wedding band, corporate event, Blues Brothers Tribute, Swing, Rat Pack, 80s band, Disco
Blues Brothers Tribute, Swing, Rat Pack, 80s, Britpop, Disco, PA, Wedding, Corporate Event
Blues Brothers tribute, Swing, Rat Pack, 80s band, Britpop, Wedding band, Corporate event, Disco


If you’re looking for something special for your party, or a theme for your event, look no further! 


106 Miles to Chicago  is a full throttle, high octane Blues Brothers Tribute, blending the greatest songs from The Blues Brothers, The Commitments, Soul, Motown and Northern Soul to give you an outstanding evening of entertainment. 








Demo - 106 Miles to Chicago

The show can be supplied as a Duo with full playback, a stunning 4 piece act with live brass section, a 6 piece band or the whole 12 piece Show band with full brass section and 2 female vocalist. All options are available as a fully self contained show with P.A. and Lighting tailored to suit your venue, and to complete the ensemble, we can also supply you with a party DJ. 

106 4 Piece with Brass

106 Duo



Chris has been with the show from the very start and brings his experience as a professional musician along with a comedy background to the stage, offering a unique blend of performance and entertainment.


Chris started his career writing and playing original music before breaking in to the comedy scene, managing his own Comedy Club. Acting, Performing and Singing had always been at the forefront of his work and he has appeared in various C4 comedy shows (The Mogana Show, Greg Davies Man Down) and will also be seen in the latest Hollywoord blockbuster, Tom Cruise's, "Edge of Tomorrow" and features in the worlwide trailer.

The Brothers like to keep busy and variety is the spice of life, so this brother certainly is full of "spice"!

Delivering hit after hit to keep everyone dancing, laughing and entertained throughout the show, he will be showing everyone the dance routines and getting them clapping and singing along to all those great tracks.


Brother Chris

Est Since 1993



Andy cut his musical teeth at the tender age of 7, performing in Northern clubs with his little brother! Boasting a strong theatrical background, performing alongside the likes of Kate Winslet and Christian Bale, music always remained his first love. Over the last 30 years he has performed in numerous Wedding, Function and Corporate Event covers bands and has appeared with the Sam Brown Band, Clarence Tex Walker (The Drifters), Oddjob, Jonny Bravo and as Frankenfurter in the Rocky Horror Show (with Richard O’Brien and Patricia Quinn) to name but a few.  An accomplished Live Music Producer (and Sound Engineer), Andy produced his first Blues Brothers tribute in 1993, and soon joined forces with Brother Chris to spread Soul, Blues and Rhythm’n Blues to the masses.

Brother Andy

Est Since 1993